How to control cravings Top 7 Ways.

Regulating your appetite is vital to your struggle for weight loss. Being able to differentiate between the impression of hunger arising from the emotional impact and actual hunger is very important.

How to control cravings

Mouth Wash As Deterrent To Appetite

Several people feel no appetite with lingering mint flavor in their mouths. This is used by some people who use a mouth wash or toothpaste as repellent to dietary cravings.

Drink Water And Clean Your System

A large intake of water sometimes acts as a filler to avoid your pangs of hunger. The body has only one common signal to the brain for both hunger and hydration. Make sure you are always well hydrated with at least eight to ten glasses of water per day, if you want your system to be cleansed of its toxins and if you want to achieve weight loss.

The hormones released during and after workout act as kind of suppressant to your appetite. After a hard work out, you may not feel hungry after all.

Less Sleep More Appetite And Weight Gain

A study has shown that insufficient sleep reduces the levels of the hormone leptin which is supposed to reduce your appetite. On the other hand it works to increase the levels of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for increasing appetite. Consequently, you start developing strong cravings and put on weight. It is advisable to sleep a minimum of eight hours during the night.

High Fiber Foods

Intake of fiber-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, and legumes have been known to be instrumental in the prevention of hunger for longer periods.

Slower Eating – The Antidote To Over Eating

A better coordination is achieved between the brain and stomach to enable you to stop over eating. One way of achieving this is to make conversation at the table so as to get the benefit of slower eating while strengthening relationships.

Say No To Sugar

Resist your craving for sweats in its refined form and the chemical alternatives, both of which stimulate your appetite.

Resist The Commercial And Psychological War Fare Against Your Mind

In this age of uncontrolled commercial publicity on food and its applications, and their effect on your daily life, we hardly find the time for clear thinking due to our exacting schedules. You can imagine how busy you are, every day, getting your daily chores done; planning the next day’s work and looking after your household. Forewarned is forearmed, what with all these seductions around us. When you get at this craving for a meal, ask yourself first whether it is the right time or whether you are floating into a realm of food seduction

Respect your body and establish a routine which you must rigorously follow every day. This is only way to fight your cravings in between. If however, you were obliged to have lunch at 11 A.M instead of your normal time of 1 P.M., you could still have a cup of coffee or tea at 1 P.M., your routine meal time, to appease your body.


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